ESGCI School of Management Paris, DBA Program

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DBA program

The DBA program is a fully-fledged doctoral degree, but contrary to the Ph.D., we focus on professional experience rather than fundamental academic research.

The program's primary objective is to develop personal, consultancy, and theoretical skills in the context of rigorous and relevant applied research in business management. In short, the DBA is about carrying out research for practice.


ESGCI, School of Management Paris, is a renowned management school. Specializing in management studies, the school is unique with its international orientation. Recognized by the French state, ESGCI has the Qualiopi certification, which ensures that ESGCI training that is consistent with market needs. ESGCI is also a member of IACBE.

Joining the ESGCI, School of Management Paris, DBA Program offers you a chance to take your career to the next level and bring economic and social value to the international community. Your research will bring you top-notch academic expertise while addressing strategic organizational problems. Since its creation in 1986, ESGCI developed state-of-the-art expertise regarding pedagogy and tutoring. Part of Galileo Global Education, the largest higher education group worldwide, you will integrate the managerial elite’s international network.

The program is jointly delivered by UpGrad, a global leader in online higher education.

Program Highlights

  • 100% in English
  • 3-year program
  • Applied research tailored to your background and career goals.
  • Flexibility : online seminars and recorded courses
  • Tailor-made coaching and supervisory support 
  • International Faculty Team

DBA Curriculum

Introduction to research methods 

  • Presentation of the DBA program
  • Introduction to doctoral research
  • The nature of research

Literature Review

  • Research topic
  • Writing a research proposal
  • Literature review

Data collection

  • Quantitative data
  • Qualitative data

Quantitative Methods

  • Introduction to quantitative methods
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Endogeneity issues

Qualitative Methods

  • Fundamentals of Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Qualitative data interpretation and explanation building
  • Thematic analysis

Access to Data

  • What data do you wish to collect? Which way do you intent to collect it?
  • What types of data will you require? Which ways to access it?

DBA workshop (2 ECTS)

Literature review (4 ECTS)

Preliminary dissertation (62 ECTS)

Doctoral dissertation (100 ECTS)

The word of Josse Roussel, the dean of ESGCI, School of Management Paris, DBA Program

"Enrolling in the ESGCI, School of Management Paris, DBA Program is one of the best decisions you will ever make. In our program, you will develop outstanding quality research with strong business impact that will set you apart from the competition.

The DBA program at ESGCI will give you the necessary tools to contribute to production and dissemination of applied science in the areas of management and business administration.

The ESGCI DBA Program is a full- fledged doctoral degree with a firm entrance requirement on professional experience.

The ESGCI, School of Management Paris, DBA Program will definitely help you make a huge leap forward in your career. Thank you for choosing our DBA program".

Josse ROUSSEL, the dean of DBA Program


Master’s degree or Bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of work experience.

Watch DBA Introduction video