A DBA (Doctorate Business Administration) is a distinguishing factor in any company. It affirms ones managerial skills to lead a research project, meticulous on the academic plan whereas pertinent on the professional plan. Eligible for candidates holding a Masters’ degree, the DBA in Luxury is an executive program, created by laboratory of innovations LCA - SM&B, set up by ESGCI (Paris), in partnership with University of San Diego Law School (USA) in cooperation with the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN). The DBA is a 3 years online and offline executive program with professional seminars taking place primarily in Paris and San Diego. If the main campus is located in Paris, the doctorate programs also sets up teaching points in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shangai (the main campus) in China. We aim at cultivating highly internationalized and creative business management professionals in China.



1 DBA, 3 campuses, 3 specializations: 

  • Paris: luxury
  • San Diego, California : luxury and legal issues
  • Shanghai: luxury and high tech

Key figures:

  • 90 % of our students are CEOs or business owners
  • 80 % of students work on an iA or luxury topic
  • 100 % of our students are researchers and in companies

Details of the course

Introduction in 3 key points

1 - International expertise

  • Dual international expertise with ESGCI (France) and the University of San Diego in California (United States).
  • Annual in-person meetings with the academic committee in Paris, San Diego or Shanghai.
  • Networking events organized in partnership with the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations(WCPUN).

2 - Scientific expertise

  • Renowned professors from prestigious universities will teach and share their experiences.
  • Thesis: With the help of a selected expert, you will develop a thesis on your chosen topic (a minimum of 72 meetings with your advisor are planned over the course of 3 years).
  • A unique program: The only DBA in Luxury Marketing that exists between France and the United States delivering academic knowledge and specialized expertise in the sector.

3 - Professional expertise

  • A networking value: meetings with CEOs and marketing, communication, legal and creative directors allow you to greatly develop your professional network.
  • Privileged meetings: directly within companies, law firms, etc. you’ll meet personally with business leaders to broaden your research.


Michel Chalhoub
Michel Chalhoub - Doctoral student Dubai -
"After obtaining my Master at ESGCI, I wanted to continue my studies. In the DBA in luxury products marketing and legal issues, I found the expertise I was looking for."

DBA - Program

The structure of the DBA program is as follows:
1st year: Learn

  • Constructing review of literature, tools and methods
  • Research proposal

2nd year: Implement

  • Writing, analysis of research field data

3rd year: Defend

  • Interpretation of results and finalized writing of the doctoral thesis, defense before the thesis jury


Our DBA partner university, the University of San Diego in California, specializes in legal issues for luxury brands.

“The Faculty of Law at the University of San Diego, California (USD) is recognized for the excellence of its faculty, the richness of its culture and the strength of its professional programs.” Dr. Stephen C. Ferruolo - Dean , USD School of Law.



If you wish to apply to the DBA or contact the Dean of the DBA Program:


The organization

The program is aimed in particular at senior managers with extensive experience in luxury or elsewhere; engineers; artists; consultants; students holding a Master or an MBA (with professional experience); and management teachers who wish to become a doctor in their field
Seminars and laboratory meetings "LAB LCA"
A course of excellence, the DBA includes 72 meetings with your thesis advisor and, depending on your availability, at least 15 days and up to 45 days of research seminars and laboratory meetings. As students may be company executives, the meetings are held several times a year on the campus of your choosing :

  • ESGCI, business school in Paris
  • University of San Diego in the United States
  • Shanghai campus

Seminars will be held in English. By request, 50% of the program can be completed in French (thesis supervision and specialized seminars).

Xuenfeng Sun
Xuenfeng Sun - Doctoral student -
"20 years spent in the world of fashion created in me a need for intellectual creation. I needed a new challenge. The spirit of research, the idea of being able to synthesize my years of experience...

Partnership with Christofle

For this DBA in Luxury & legal issues in partnership with the University of San Diego in California, Christofle has signed a research chair. The vocation of this research chair is to build bridges between the most recent scientific and academic research.

Anyone, luxury goods professional, can thus propose to the ESGCI's DBA doctoral laboratory a problem that could lead to a three-year scientific work. The objective is to scientifically create innovative and concrete actions that can help the world leader in silverware and tableware. 

The work of doctoral students will be published in prestigious journals such as the Harvard Business Review, and doctoral scholarships will be awarded for the year 2020-2022 by the laboratory.


Faculty and Research Committee

Dr Renaud Redien-Collot, Professeur HDR

Dr Renaud Redien-Collot, Professeur HDR

Dr. Renaud Redien-Collot, a specialist in entrepreneurship, has a French and American background. He holds a PhD from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University and an HDR in management from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne. 

Dr André Boyer, Université de Nice

Professor in Business Science
Professor Boyer is currently Director of the Master in Marketing.

Prof. Ted Sichelman, USD, Harvard law School

Prof. Ted Sichelman, USD, Harvard law School

Professor of Law
Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Law and Markets
Founder and Director, Centre for Computing, Mathematics and Law

Dr. Bernard Cova, Université de Bocconi, Milan

Dr. Bernard Cova, Université de Bocconi, Milan

Bernard Cova est professeur de marketing à la Kedge Business School de Marseille, où il participe activement à la mise au point d’approches novatrices en matière de marketing. Il enseigne également à l'Université Bocconi de Milan.

Dr. Savério Tomasella, ESGCI, Université de Nice

Dr. Savério Tomasella, ESGCI, Université de Nice

Academic background: doctorate in humanities
Activity: Psychoanalysis (children, adolescents, adults);
Researcher in clinical psychology (psychoanalysis and psychopathology)
Recognition: Price Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok, 2012, to be reborn after a trauma.

Dr. Marcel Saucet, USD

Dr. Saucet is an Associate Researcher and Visiting Professor at the University of San Diego. Course designer, case study writer and guest lecturer: Harvard University, among others.

Dr. Adam Hirsch, USD, Yale Law school

Dr. Adam Hirsch, USD, Yale Law school

Hirsch was William & Catherine VanDercreek Professor of Law at Florida State University. He is an Academic Fellow of the American College of Trust & Estate Counsel and serves on the Florida Historical Commission.

Dr. Romain Lazzarini, ESGCI

Dr. Romain Lazzarini, ESGCI

Professor Romain Lazzarini teaches in the fields of marketing, communication and management. His doctoral thesis focused on the optimization of positioning strategy by segmentation-targeting in the banking sector.

Dr. Georges Wanet, Solvay business school

Dr. Georges Wanet, Solvay business school

Doctor of Applied Science and Master of Science in Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering, ULB. Managing Director of 1A Consulting. Senior Advisor to the CEO, Infrabel (11 years).

Prof. Dana Robinson, USD

Prof. Dana Robinson, USD

Professor of Law at the USD. Professor Robinson teaches in the areas of trademark law and legal issues related to the Internet, software and technology.

D. Lionel Di Marco

D. Lionel Di Marco

Dr. Lionel Di Marco recently graduated from a DBA in « Engineering for Health, Cognition and the Environment ». Its researches concerned the distractibility of students, as well as the acceptability of technologies for teaching. 
Lionel is currently a midwife teacher at the Grenoble University Hospital.

Prof. Virginie Martin 

Prof. Virginie Martin 

Professor and Researcher Virginie Martin is teaching at Kedge Business School in political science - sociology. She is also co-president of the Scientific Council of the Journal of Politics and Parliamentarians. In addition, she regularly presents in the program « C dans l’air » and in different news channels such as : LCI, Cnews, BFMTV, LCP, France 24, but also on France info, France culture, and Sud Radio.



  • 3 to 5 years of professional experience or research field
  • A master / MBA, an MSC or an MSC targeted by a university or school recognized by the Ministry of Education of the country concerned
  • A research proposal (thesis) 

Application process

  • Apply online, and provide all the documents required
  • Meet our teams face to face on the Paris or Shanghai campus
  • Send a presentation of your doctoral work, validated (or not) by the academic committee
  • Validate your application by an interview with the University of San Diego, California (on-site or remotely)