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DBA Luxury Marketing and Legal Issues (English)


A DBA (Doctorate Business Administration) is a distinguishing factor in any company. It affirms ones managerial skills to lead a research project, meticulous on the academic plan whereas pertinent on the professional plan. Eligible for candidates holding a Masters’ degree, the DBA in Luxury is an executive program, created by laboratory of innovations LCA - SM&B, set up by ESGCI (Paris), in partnership with University of San Diego Law School (USA) in cooperation with the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN). The DBA is a 3 years online and offline executive program with professional seminars taking place primarily in Paris and San Diego. If the main campus is located in Paris, the doctorate programs also sets up teaching points in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shangai (the main campus) in China. We aim at cultivating highly internationalized and creative business management professionals in China.


3 specialisations

  • Marketing Management
  • Legal Issues
  • Luxury Goods

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 3 years of international experience
  • MBA, MS or M.Sc from a recognized university or a school recognized by the Ministry of Education recognized by the concerned country.
  • Thesis proposal

Terms and Conditions

  • For admission please download and return the completed form along with your updated CV.
  • All workshops are run subject to sufficient demand.
  • All participants must have relevant work experience within a luxury function in a business or legal function (IP, Trademark or copyright).
  • The program is taught in a workshop format, allowing maximum interaction between the participants to create a relaxed environment that is conducive to learning. Concepts and techniques will be supplemented by real and recent case study analyses, individual exercises or group work.
  • Certificate of completion will be provided for full attendance of the program and will be issued at the end of the program.

Course Structure

The program will require three years to complete :

  • During the first year, you will attend workshops and seminars on research methodologies. In parallel with your research supervisor, you must formulate the research topic for their DBA thesis. You will also develop your literature review, define research design and prepare pilot project for defense.Each research associate is monitored through the second year by a member of academic faculty, who will help you to develop your research expertise and achieve your competence development targets. At the pilot study/research proposal stage, you will begin to work with your supervisor.
  • The second year will be on specializing and finalizing in data collect and analysis and to start writing your dissertation.
  • During the third year, you will have to defend your thesis proposing application modes and transfer models that you have highlighted and become doctor in the chosen field.

Company Visits

During the course, there would be visits organized to companies in the luxury sector and renowned law firms.


If you wish to apply to the DBA or contact the Dean of the DBA Program:


DBA - Program

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

Courses & Seminars in San Diego

  • DBA Presentation
  • USD database introduction (library)
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Management
  • Communication for Management Research
  • Building a career abroad from DBA Luxury goods marketing and legal issues
  • Final preparation and presentation for research topic

Event : Evening Network with senior level luxury and law people

Face-to-face meeting with the supervisor :

  • Presentation
  • Proposed topic
  • Implementation of the research project
  • Preparation of monthly targets and timetable

Courses and Seminars in Paris :

ESGCI database (introduction)
Research Design & Data Collection
Data Analysis & Interpretation
Theories and Models of Markets
The principles of writing a thesis

Event : Evening Network with luxury brand bosses

Face-to-face meeting with the supervisor

Discussion on choosing the final topic
Meeting about developing the problematic
Literature review
Reminder on editorial rules to follow


Courses & Seminars in San Diego

  • Advanced Strategic Management of Technology and IP
  • Advanced Strategic Management in Law
  • The patent issue in luxury

Event : Visit of the great West Coast law firms

Face-to-face meeting with the supervisor

  • Progress check
  • Recommendations and setting future goals
  • Writing Thesis

Courses and Seminars in Paris :

Advanced Organization Behavior and Development
Advanced Marketing Management
Write an article and extension of research
A French vision of luxury
Managerial and Theoretical of a thesis

Event : Evening Network with luxury bosses

Face-to-face meeting with the supervisor

Progress check
Recommendations and setting future goals


Courses & Seminars in San Diego

  • The crossing Marketing luxury and luxury right: the case of Trademarks

  • "Stealth Marketing" by Derrick Borte

Event : Evening Network with Californian bosses of law firms

Face-to-face meeting with the supervisor

  • Presentation
  • Identification of elements to change and / or to changed

Courses & Seminars in Paris

  • Tips and tricks in the reduction of a thesis
  • How successful oral defense?
  • Oral defense (Paris or San Diego)

Event : Evening Network with luxury bosses

Face-to-face meeting with the supervisor

Submission of the final thesis document

*Les programmes présentés ici le sont à titre indicatif. Ils ne sont ni exhaustifs, ni contractuels. Pour des raisons d’organisation, l’ESGCI se réserve le droit dans certains cas de regrouper des étudiants de différentes options.

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